Feb 02

Rise In Alternative Top Level Domain Popularity

Sedo’s domain market study is showing a rise in alternative top level domain popularity in which they state:

At 44%, .com domains were the most frequently traded in 2011, with .de names a strong second at 18%. 2011 saw 150 different TLDs being traded on the marketplace, and for the first time, previous top ten candidates such as .fr and .es dropped down the list to be replaced by .co and .me.

New ccTLDs on the block, .co and .me, are entering the market strongly with respectable resale values as they move into the top ten most frequently sold TLDs:

The average and median prices for both of these TLDs suggest a strong future. Both .co and .me benefit from their value to advertisers, marketers, and individuals looking for a strong, brandable alternative to .com names for their online presence. Key examples of their recent use have been Twitter’s t.co, and Google’s plus.me.

Top 10 highest price domain purchases last year include gambling.com for $2.5M, dudu.com for $1M, and 88.com for $850k.  A ccTLD domain, aktien.de, made the list at number 4 selling for €500k.

Feb 01

SOPA and PIPA Fully Alive — New Anti-Piracy Bill Follows

SOPA is set to be reformulated in February. PIPA will be revisited with possible amendments in the coming weeks. Both bills are still open and possible — nothing is cancelled. Now a new, similar bill has surfaced.

OPEN — The New Anti-Piracy Bill

As an alternative to SOPA-PIPA, Representative Darrell Issa (CA-R), and 24 co-sponsors introduced the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade (OPEN) H.R. 3782 on Wednesday, during the Internet blackout.

The text of the bill is available for public comment.

From PCWorld:

OPEN would give oversight to the International Trade Commission (ITC) instead of the Justice Department, focuses on foreign-based websites, includes an appeals process, and would apply only to websites that “willfully” promote copyright violation.

OPEN is gaining support from groups like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Consumer Electronics Association and more.

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Jan 27

100 Million Com Domains Registered at Verisign

This is a wonderful achievement for the Verisign registry! Founded in 1995, Verisign acquired Network Solutions, which operated the .com, .net and .org gTLDs under agreements with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the United States Department of Commerce.

Verisign frequently releases an almost 1 GB zone file containing the list of .com domains it manages in it’s registry.  These domains include “dark domains”, domain names that exist, but are not pointed to nameservers.

According to Domain Tools, yesterday the zone file listed 99,837548 .com domain names and that number has been growing by an average of about 22,000 net new .com domain names per day so far in 2012.

They have diligently calculated the number of .com domains includes those listed in the zone file plus the dark domains managed by Verisign to be over 100.2 million.

That number continues to climb every day so there may yet be another milestone to come!

Thank you to all of our customers and the millions of people that provide unique content and continue to enrich and embolden the most popular top level extension on the web today.

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