New TLD Pre-Registration Services

Namesonic nTLD pre-registration is now open for members.

Our watchlist will notify you of changes to your favorite new domain extensions and give you the opportunity to register your interests.

Just login with your account and select your favorite new TLDs to be notified when they become available.

This opens a new chapter in Internet history: one in which brands and businesses of all sizes will be able to invest in new online real estate.

With more and more domain name registrars offering some sort of pre-registration or pre-reservation service for new top level domain names, ICANN has published a word of caution.

Cyrus Namazi, Vice President of DNS Industry Engagement for ICANN, published a blog post today titled “Pre-Reserve a Domain Name, or Not? ICANN Answers the Question.”

Namazi warns against services that “guarantee” they’ll get the domain name for you:

As responsible Registrars are advising, successful pre-registration of a domain cannot be guaranteed. ICANN seconds that advice, cautioning that registrants should be wary of anyone who claims to be able to guarantee a domain registration on a new gTLD. There are several situations that can impact the availability of a domain name and some domain names may never be available for purchase.

Pre-registration does not guarantee that your expressed interests will result in ownership as there are instances that can impact availability of Second-Level Domains include:
  • Multiple Registrars per generic Top-Level Domain
  • Trademarked Names
  • Auction of Premium Names
  • Name Collision
  • Some gTLDs may not be delegated

Using our watchlist will allow you to place your domain orders as soon as they become available.  Give us a call you have any questions about the new TLD program, or any of the available extensions.

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