.NET Price Increases – 2016

Verisign announced that it is raising its wholesale price for .net domain names on February 1st, 2016.

When these increases take effect, your pricing will only go up by the amount imposed by the registry. In order to minimize the impact to our highly valued customers we are making no additional profit from these price increases.

Verisign is able to increase the price of .net domain names annually. A 2012 contract extension for .com domains keeps that price fixed for the duration of the contract.

Q: What is the increase and when does it take effect?
A: Rate increases take effect according to this schedule:


Price Increase
(per year)

Date of Reseller



February 1st, 2016

Q: What do I need to do to implement these changes?
A: Nothing. These new fees will be automatically reflected in your account beginning on the dates indicated above.

Q: Are you making a profit from these increases?
A: No. Unlike other registrars, we are passing on the exact increase imposed by ICANN and not a penny more.

Q: Are there likely to be further increases?
A: No further increases have been announced at this time.

Q: Will all future fee increases be passed directly on to our customers?
A: Not necessarily. We will review each and every price change and will minimize customer impact wherever possible. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the increases were such that we had no option but to pass them on to our customers.

Q: Why are the registries imposing these increases?
A: The registries are in the process of making improvements to their security and support infrastructures. The price increase will help fund those improvements which will, ultimately, benefit .NET and .INFO domain owners.

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