Go Mobile with .MOBI Domain Extension

A new domain extension is available to register through Namesonic now from the dotMobi registry (.MOBI).

Reserve http://www.yourdomain.mobi today and have your website own it’s place in the mobile ready market and prepare to be responsive to any mobile device or tablet.

When a domain name ends in .MOBI consumers knows without a shadow of a doubt that the information was designed to be displayed on mobile devices.  The .MOBI domain revolutionizes the use of the Web on mobile devices.  Most importantly, with tools and standards provided by the registry, mobile users, no matter the model of phone or network they use, will know the information they need is just in their pocket!

dotMobi is an expert provider of mobile web technology, established in 2005, and is focused on helping you reach your customers, no matter what the device, the content, or the context.

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